TG156 heat-insulated single-track vertical sliding door series (electric is optional)

Product introduction

  • The design of profile section is scientific and reasonable, and features high strength, simple and fashionable appearance, wide, thick and heavy;

  • It is designed with single track to effectively reduce the manufacturing cost;

  • The door leaf adopts multiple sealing to effectively improve the water tightness and air tightness of the product;

  • Different colors can be made indoors and outdoors as needed;

  • The opening and closing at any position of the door can be realized with hardware;

  • The humanized micro-ventilation design, electric and remote control are optional.

  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-19_03.jpg
  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-19_06.jpg

Product classification

Product Detail


The sealing material has good weatherability and can also maintain good sealing performance at high or lower ambient temperature.

Product performance
Anti wind pressure8级 4.5≤p3<5.0≤3级
Airtightness4级 2.5≥q1>2.0≤3级
Water tightness3级 250≤△p<350≤6级
Sound insulation4级 35≤RW+Ctr<40≤2级
Thermal insulation6级 2.5>k≥2.01级