Sunday, August 5, 2012

Third Day

Day Three in the city (Saturday) and I definitely was hitting a wall. Showering in the morning just seemed like an impossible chore. Getting dressed left me teary with the effort, especially dealing with the dreaded compression stockings. Paired with Birkenstocks that I poked extra holes in to accommodate my grotesquely swollen feet, I make quite the fashion statement.

Danielle is my champion at both breakfast and lunch, fussing over me, making a path for me, fetching me tea. Then, who sits at our table but Lynne, who I met yesterday and liked so much. More sympatico chatting. There is just nothing as wonderful as someone who agrees with everything you say.

Katie Couric is the guest during lunch and is heavily promoting her new show. She is clearly on top of the social media explosion and since I am not and I don’t understand half the references, I get pouty. Katie is soliciting topics for her show and I figure, what the heck, and I leave a comment encouraging her to do a show on the devastation that MS causes. I have to say, it was really moving to hear her talk about her husband’s death. She was 41, just two years older than I was when I was widowed, so I could really relate.

We toured the Expo after that and got lots of free goodies. At least I got some free goodies while Danielle got massive quantities of free goodies. I don’t know what she does different, but we walked the same areas and she ended up with this:

while I ended up with this:

We pause at an exclusive mattress display and one of the (absolutely freaking adorable) sales reps asks me a question about my chair. We start talking and he is so informative it is a good five minutes before I say, hey, how do you know so much about power wheelchairs?!? It turns out he used to sell them. I told him I didn’t like that the rented chair lurched forward every time I accelerated and that is how I hit the doorjam and broke the arm. He told me the chair needed to be adjusted down, that the kind of sensitivity I described was a setting. He said that definitely should be a consideration in telling them what happened. I feel like a kid going home to tell Mom and Dad I wrecked the car.

One final afternoon session and I am done in. I fall asleep sitting at my laptop and wake up just to order a hamburger for dinner. I won’t tell you how much it cost. I doze off again and wake up to put my pajamas on. Danielle has gone to dinner with friends and they all come back to our room before going to the last round of BlogHer’12 parties, which are not my cup of tea. But these girls are all sweet and cute and young, so it is good they are going to have a good time.

Coming up I will talk about experiencing the conference from the perspective of a wheelchair.



  1. I'll be interested in hearing how you coped with the w/c. Were you only one there who was using one? Sorry your feet are still swollen -- I thought the compression would help. I'm too hot this summer to use the stockings; I'll wait until it's cooler. I so want to wear all my shoes again!
    Looking forward to the next report!

  2. Ah, and what a saga it is Muff!! lol I definitely wasn't the only one, there were several, I should mention that in my post.

    Oh Muffy, my legs are so swollen, that makes it harder to walk than the MS. It hurts so much!! I wear the stockings and I wrap my feet but nothing helps. It is really alarming. I am going to have to do something, it is so bad I am even considering going back to getting them wrapped again for the six weeks, even though that was a nightmare. It is so hard not to be bitter. Wasn't the MS enough?!?! I had to develop this too?!?! And not one of my health care providers ever, ever warned me this could happen from immobility. I didn't even learn it in nursing school. But I have since read it is a common side effect. Preventative care should be a priority, especially since it is irreversible. I swear, no one cares, you really have to look out for yourself.

    1. Marie,
      I have a friend who adopted a son who's biological parents have MS (his bio mother is my friend's SIL actually). Such an amazing story. I have met this young boy's parents and they are really the greatest. Sadly his biological father passed away earlier this year. So sad.

      Anyways, I'm glad you had a chance to meet so many helpful people this weekend and branch out a little from your comfort zone. It's nice to know there are still people out there who will go out of their way to help a stranger. I do hope you begin to feel better and find a way to get some relief.

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  4. I welcome comments, I love comments, but only ones that are civil and respectful. I am sorry, but I will delete any that are mean spirited and cruel.

  5. Hello! Even though I don't know you, I want to say I am proud of you for going outside of your comfort zone and attending the conference. I have a friend with Friedrichs Ataxia and another friend with Muscular Dystrophy and I know how hard it is for them to travel and stay in hotels and deal with less than par accommodations. I hope you had an amazing time despite the condition of your room and the people who were much too busy with their own agendas to pay you a little bit of respect. I hope you recover quickly from your stay in NYC!

  6. I wasn't intending to he cruel. I just think you sound like an awfully nice person and I would hate to see you used. Have a wonderful day :)

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